Criminal Defense

  • Drunk Driving
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses
  • Fraud / Larceny
  • Domestic Assault & Violence
  • Drug Charges
  • White Collar Crime

Defending Criminal Prosecutions

People make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes have lifelong consequences. If the mistake results in a criminal charge and prosecution, the consequences can be devastating. A criminal prosecution occurs in a public forum and may be reported by the newspapers. This often leads to embarrassment in the community and reputation suffers. But that’s only the beginning. There’s nothing more intimidating than being charged with a crime and prosecuted in criminal court. A conviction means a permanent criminal record. Jobs can be lost and a person’s livelihood is often affected. Depending upon the circumstances, jail can be a distinct possibility. There is nothing more important than excellent legal representation in these matters. I can help.

I have been a prosecutor and I have been defending people in the criminal courts for more than 20 years. I have tried too many criminal cases to count, most of them to a jury. My success rate at trial is higher than 90%. I am retained by people charged with crimes ranging from drunk driving to domestic assault and battery to drug offenses and other crimes.

When I walk into a criminal courtroom on behalf of my clients, I bring the full breadth of my experience and knowledge with me. I am prepared and I passionately contest the prosecution’s
case every step of the way. The legal arguments I make are well reasoned, up to date and convincing. Often, I am able to win the case prior to trial based upon legal issues and/or
shortcomings in the prosecution’s evidence. I know what’s at stake here for my clients, and I defend each and every one of them as if their life depended upon it. Click on the results and
testimonials tab above to learn more.

If you, a friend, family member or loved one has been charged with a crime, please call my office. Initial consultations are always free