Attorney James M. Walsh

Experienced & Knowledgeable

I have been a trial lawyer in Massachusetts since 1987. I started my career trying criminal cases as a prosecutor in the DA’s office and then spent several years trying all kinds of civil cases at an insurance defense firm in Boston. I started my own law firm in Salem in 1992. I concentrate my work in just three areas; personal injury, criminal defense and divorce. I’m in the trenches every day, fighting for my clients in courtrooms, conference rooms and offices all over the state. When the stakes are high, I have the experience and knowledge it takes to be successful for my clients.

Dedicated, Personal Service

My practice is extremely successful and has grown over the years because I prepare, work hard and dedicate myself to every client and every case I handle. That’s my work ethic. I just would not have it any other way. I also handle each case personally. When you hire me, you get me. I maintain control and personal responsibility for all aspects of your case. My clients have come to know and rely upon that, and because of it I constantly get additional referrals of new cases from current and former clients. Click on the results and testimonials tab above to learn more.

Unsurpassed Competence

It is not enough to be prepared and work hard. To achieve top results for his/her clients a lawyer must also work smart. I use technology, the Internet and huge databases of legal information to my client’s advantage in every case. No lawyer on the other side; no insurance adjuster; no prosecutor will ever outsmart me in any case I handle. I take it too seriously for that to ever happen, period. Click on the personal injury, criminal defense and divorce tabs above to learn more about the specific areas I practice in.

Frequent Communication

I encourage frequent communication between my office and my clients. I want to know what’s going on in their lives and I want them to know what’s going on in their case. My clients know that they can call any time to talk not only about their case but any other matters as well and we will answer their questions. If I am unavailable when they call, I call back promptly. That’s my rule and I always follow it. The relationship between a lawyer and client is just too important to do otherwise.